CDP: Aromatic Garnish and Spice

CDP: Aromatic Garnish and Spice

Cassandra Davidson Food Photography

While working on a brining liquid, there are many components to bring together for a wonderfully finished chicken!Lemon zest, rosemary, ginger, and grapes are essential to a light yet refreshing flavor that soaks in.

Some people approach cooking like a science or an art – I find that the less I photograph the steps throughout the cooking process (quick tip: this helps me to remember recipes), the more it becomes an art . Take your nose out of the book and experiment a little!

If you’re so inclined to kick it up a notch aka entertain, photograph, AND cook, check out Lillie Fortino Photography’s post with a full course menu plan and mouth-watering shots, omnomnom.

Here’s to cooking in 2013, cheers!

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CDP: Calm and Dewy

After a curiously unexpected stop in the outskirts of Greenwich, CT, I came upon a nature preserve and a friendly-looking trail entrance. My expedition began thanks to a manmade canopy and the allure of drizzle snatched by needy petals and leaves. Amidst the damp greenery, this lone violet flower caught the best of the day’s sprinkle.

CDP: A Continuation of Self

Black and white portrait , identifiable simply by a single earring. The toning is meant to portray an ethereal hidden expression extending into frame with the flow of hair and the curvature of the ear.

CDP: A free Google Chrome theme featuring CDPhoto

Good afternoon readers, or should I say viewers!

Above you’ll find a link to a Google Chrome theme of my own creation. This photograph was taken on one of my first DSLR roaming trips. Thanks to a fabulously landscaped property in Westport, CT, I was able to land the shot of a lifetime. While there were thousands of flowers in bloom that day, the bees only seemed to be interested in the Little-Shop-of-Horrors-esque singleton. It had attitude AND the bees LOVED it.

Here’s the original photograph for those without Google Chrome:

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CDP: Flower Polaroid Project